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Begun in 2012, Second Sight Project is a long-running social practice work embedded in the near-west neighborhood of Franklinton, for the purposes of being a laboratory for art and engagement, as well as a center for creative neighborhood advocacy. Franklinton is populated by a racially diverse mixture of low-income residents in a rapidly-gentrifying part of the city. The programming done under the umbrella of Second Sight is both equity- and identity-building. Equity-building in the form of providing art education in neighborhood schools that otherwise lack art programming, because they lack the resources of wealthier communities. And identity-building by facilitating participatory public art projects that directly involve residents in creating an image of Franklinton that is grass-roots, genuine and community-driven.

As Seen in Franklinton Community-engaged photography

Visiting artist programs at Franklinton area schools

Mike Ingles community stories project

Hearts United for One Billion Rising

Online Community-Based Curriculum

Mike Ingles Story Project

This reader was designed for junior-high and high-school age students to engage in local history, creative/artistic interpretation, and investigative research into Franklinton's past and present. It includes seven short stories written by Mike Ingles and projects based on those stories.

This downloadable pdf is available for anyone interested in an integrated studies program on the Franklinton neighborhood. Click on the image to open.

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