Mona Gazala

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Begun in 2012, Second Sight Project is a long-running social practice work embedded in the near-west neighborhood of Franklinton, for the purposes of being a laboratory for art and engagement, as well as a center for creative neighborhood advocacy. Franklinton is populated by a racially diverse mixture of low-income residents in a rapidly-gentrifying part of the city. The programming done under the umbrella of Second Sight is both equity- and identity-building. Equity-building in the form of providing art education in neighborhood schools that otherwise lack art programming, because they lack the resources of wealthier communities. And identity-building by facilitating participatory public art projects that directly involve residents in creating an image of Franklinton that is grass-roots, genuine and community-driven.

As Seen in Franklinton Community-engaged photography

Mike Ingles community stories project

Visiting artist programs at Central High School

Hearts United for One Billion Rising