Mona Gazala

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Mona Gazala is an American-born artist of Palestinian descent. As an interdisciplinary artist, Gazala's practice exhibits the willingness to experiment and use a wide variety of media and methods, text, sculpture, prints, social actions, video and installation, to create strong conceptual work focusing on the effects of place and power on the local community.

Gazala is the founder of the Second Sight Project in inner-city Columbus, Ohio. Second Sight is a long-running social practice work embedded in the neighborhood of Franklinton, for the purpose of being a laboratory for art and engagement as well as a center for creative neighborhood advocacy.

Gazala's numerous projects, whether focused on marginalized people locally or globally, use visual art and actions to amplify subversive narratives in situations of power imbalance, countering the effects of historical, cultural, and social erasure.