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"Disarticlulated" refers to skeletal remains that are disconnected, no longer joined, not whole. The term appears in Kathleen Kenyon's seminal archaeological book "Digging Up Jericho," from 1956. "Disarticulated" as used here is a metaphor for the deliberate dis-assembling of the body of the Palestinian people. Not the least of the methods used in this ethnic cleansing is the destruction of Palestinian homes. In 2018, I enlisted the help of artists Emily Jacir, Michael Rakowitz, and Noor Abuarefah in transporting a piece of rubble from Bethlehem, Palestine to Peoria, Illinois. There, I performatively laid the evidence of destruction on the doorstep of Caterpillar Incorporated, highlighting their culpability for selling demolition equipment to Zionist forces.

"Disarticulated" as a project includes the month of research time I spent during my residency in Peoria, and the interviews, video, and ephemera collected while there, drawing the larger picture of Caterpillar's contribution to colonial violence while enriching the western economy. One of the project videos, "Asymmetry," can be viewed here.

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