Mona Gazala

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The word "disarticlulated" refers to skeletal remains that are disconnected, no longer joined, not whole. The word appears in Kathleen Kenyon's seminal archaeological work "Digging Up Jericho," from 1956. For me it is a metaphor for the deliberate dis-assembling of the body of the Palestinian people. Not the least of the methods used in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is the demolition of their homes. In 2018, I enlisted the help of artists Emily Jacir, Michael Rakowitz, and Noor Abuarefah in transporting a disarticulated piece of rubble from Bethlehem, Palestine to Peoria, Illinois. There, I performed my own personal ritual joining of the stone together with the source of its destruction: the demolition equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar Inc.